Coronavirus and Fashion ?

You are scared, worried, anxious, you don’t know how deal with this pandemic and what will happen after the hard times.

Coronavirus and Fashion were a focal point in recent weeks, due to the fashion shows cancelled and certainly the fashion system, especially Italian, will be highly affected.

I totally understand your feelings.

I’m Italian, I live in Italy and for my Country is the worst time ever.

We never went through a situation like this before, and I have many worries, too: for my daughter, for my family and for my two fashion businesses: Maiden-Art jewelry and Ebooks4Fashion.

In the first days of quarantine, I was very silent because I had to digest the situation like it was a trauma, but now after a while, I changed my mind, I decided to share my thoughts and how I am reacting to this situation, because I think it can help many of you.

That’s why I have decided to write this article and share with you what I’m doing to counter the situation.

I always think that it is not the problem itself but how you react to the problem that allows you to change things.

For example, when our shops are allowed to open again, it might be worthwhile investing in temperature screening technology similar to the kiosks that you can see here. Screening your customers in this way can help you to identify if your customers are well and can, therefore, enter your store safely. Temperature screening kiosks are already being used in medical settings and with coronavirus expected to be with us for some time, I think that retail businesses will need to follow suit and take additional precautions to stop the spread of this virus. If you employ a team of staff that needs to either work with one another or interact with customers then you may want to provide them with PPE so that they can work in safety. Things like facemasks can help to limit the spread of the virus and may even allow you to begin bringing people back into work and customers back into your store. The process will likely be done in phases but PPE could be the best answer to protect people in the meantime before things return to normal.

That being said, I’m an optimist and I always try to see the positive things in even the worst situations, so in this case I really think you should take these hard times as an opportunity to learn and make changes in your fashion business.

In this article I want to share with you 3 Tips to keep your Fashion Business going in hard times.

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    This is a very important point especially for fashion entrepreneurs that are not selling online. Let’s make some examples:
    Brick and Mortar Stores: You have a brick and mortar multiple brand store, usually you sell only in person…what are you going to do now that your physical store is closed down due to coronavirus and you don’t know when will you open it again?
    You should really take in consideration the idea to start to sell online your inventory.
    I’m not suggesting you to open an online store, because at this point is too late and you will need to spend a lots time and money in ads to drive traffic to it and to convert visits in sales.
    But what you can immediately do, is to use Instagram to sell your inventory and to keep talking to your audience.
    You need to use the rights hashtags to find people interested in your products and you can also geotag your Instagram Stories or Posts to find local people around your area.
    Fashion & Jewelry Brands that sell mostly wholesale: You should seriously consider to build a community online of private customers that can purchase directly from you. You should build your email list and talk to your audience.
    Probably, you are wondering now: how can I build my email list?
    No worries, It’s very simple you can use Instagram (which is the best tool right now for fashion businesses, because it is a visual and creative marketing tool) to attract the right dream customers and invite them to sign up to your freebies, so you will grow your email list.
    So, basically, what you should do is to launch your Fashion Brand on Instagram and turn your followers into Potential Customers, grow the engagement and build a true, real conversation with your audience.
    Through Instagram you should be able to grow your brand awareness and listen to your potential customers what they need.
    If you want to learn more how to grow your followers and attract the right customers for your Fashion Business, check out Instagram4Fashion Online Course.

    Launch a Fashion Business on Instagram

    Furthermore, if you need to deal with your wholesale orders and to talk to store owners, I really think you should put yourself in a position of helping them.
    You should assist your wholesale buyers helping them to start to promote your brand even if the orders have not arrived yet in their stores. It can be very helpful for them, if you suggest them to create a booze during this downtime, so they will be ready to sell their inventory when the good times come.
    – Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers: This is probably a very difficult time for you, because you are used to work offline, to think only about real human contact in your business and you hate social media. If you are feeling in this way, I’m sorry to tell you, that it’s time now to change completely your mind. You cannot afford to loose money and potential customers because you don’t know how to use social media, or because you hate technology.
    You should definitely change your prospective, think differently.
    If you are reading this now, it’s because you need to bring your Fashion Service Business ONLINE, and you need to do it NOW.
    You need to create Image Consultancy online sessions and you should find your Ideal Customer online. You can definitely create the real human contact online, through the power of VIDEO and LIVE Session. You can show who you are and how you can help your potential customers even online. Don’t be afraid to show who you are.
    You should make money while you sleep.
    I’m not joking but for small fashion businesses like us, I honestly think you should be able to make your fashion business working, even if you cannot work.
    I’m going to explain you further, you should definitely create many different types of passive income, which means that your fashion company can go on without you.
    For example: You are fashion designer or a jewelry designer, you should create ebooks or online courses, teaching your audience what you are expert in. If you are an Image Consultant, you can definitely create an online course about how to improve your audience wardrobe and image.
    There are many ways to create passive income. These are just a few, but if you want to learn more, you can book a WhatsApp Coaching Session with me.
    WhatsApp Coaching Session Fashion booster

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