How to Get Anything You Want in Fashion Business ?

When I started more than 12 years ago, I didn’t know what I really wanted and for sure, I didn’t know How to Get Anything You Want in Fashion Business.

I mean I wanted to have a Fashion Brand, BUT I was not clear with myself about which kind of Fashion Brand, I really wanted and which kind of business model would work for me.

At that time, I was quite confused.. I came from a creative background and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to live with my creativity, being recognized as womenswear and accessories designer.

I was not sure how I was making money, for me it was important only to be creative and create beautiful things, from clothes to jewelry.

Soon I was in troubles, because I was not running a business but only an EXPENSIVE HOBBY!

I’m telling you my personal story, not to discourage you BUT actually to empower you because THINGS COMPLETELY CHANGED, ones I knew my MISSION and WHAT I really wanted to get in my Fashion Businesses.

For example for my Fashion Business Ebooks4Fashion, my mission is to reach as many women as possible, empowering them and help them to start or grow their fashion business, being economically independent with their creative business and living the life of their dreams.

Why I’m so passionate about this? Because when I started I wish I would had a platform like Ebooks4Fashion, where I could find all the support I needed to start and grow my Fashion Brand.

That’s why, I’m writing this blog post.

How to Get Anything You Want in Fashion Business

Because You can Get Anything You Want in Your Fashion Business!

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There are 3 Steps You should Take to Get Anything You Want :

  • Write down Your WHAT

  • Define Your WHY

  • Get clear on your HOW

I’m going to explain you better, BUT If you have no time, I think you would enjoy my FREE Mini Training: How to Start a Successful Fashion Business. 

How to Start A Successful Fashion Business - Free Training

Let’s dive in Now:

Watch this Video:

Listen to The Fashion Marketing Podcast:

  • Write down your WHAT:

    What do you want to achieve in your Fashion Business? What is your main GOAL?
    This is the most important step to take to get anything you want in your Business (and in life, too). If You don’t know what you want, you will never know how to reach it.
    For example: I want to sell 20 spots at my Online Course START4FASHION – How to Start the Right Fashion Business, by the end of the Month.
    This is a clear goal, because I know what I want and the exact time I want to reach it.
    So make sure, you write down your clear goal and the exact time by you want to reach it. Our subconscious mind will work with us to reach our goals, because we know exactly the time frame.

  • Define Your WHY.

    Now it’s time to define your why. Why it is so important for you to reach your goal?

    For example: You might want to sell 30 dresses by Holiday Time, because you want to get a new car, I’m just guessing but I want to make sure you understand the point.

  • Get now clear on HOW.

    How will you reach your goal? One exercise I do every time is to go backwards. Basically, I set my goal as I’ve already had reached it and then I write down all the steps I should take to reach it.

    For example: You might want to sell 30 dresses (they can be either you want to get 3 new clients for your image consultancy business) by Holiday Time. How will you reach your goal? Which are the steps you should take? Maybe you will create a sales campaign on Instagram or maybe you will send a newsletter with a promotion to your audience.

These are the 3 most important steps, you should start to take right now to get anything you want in your Fashion Biz and Life.

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How to Start A Clothing Line or A Fashion Business

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How to Get Anything You Want in Fashion Business
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10 months ago

Of course, education abroad and any practical experience (internship program, volunteer work) is extremely useful for achieving the goal, but unexpected inspiration can be found in books.

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