3 Secrets to Make an Irresistible Offer for Fashion Business
Irresistible offer, without selling?

If you answered YES, then keep reading because this post, I’m sure it is for you.

I come from a creative background and I know how hard it can be to think about sales and marketing.

As creative people are always afraid to sell.

We dream to have someone on our side, selling our fashion products or services for us, so we can just concentrate on the creative side of our business.

However, who knows our business and what we offer more than us?

Nobody else, so it means that we should be the best one at presenting our collections or services!

If you are following me for a while, you probably know that I totally hate the word “selling” and instead I strong recommend you to change that word into “helping”.

You are helping your audience with what you are offering.


It’s very simple, you are helping your potential customers, because you are solving their problems and satisfying their needs, with your offer!

So that’s why I want to share 3 SECRETS to make an Irresistible Offer for Fashion Business, without selling:

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3 Secrets to Make Irresistible Offer for Fashion Business.

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  1. Solve your Dream Customer’s problems, satisfy their secret desires and give them benefits with your amazing offer.

    Your potential customers must be the center of your Fashion Business, that’s why you should create your offer thinking first about your customer’s problems and how you can solve them. Whether it’s with new designs or easy to use recurring payment systems, the customer’s needs and concerns need to be a priority.

    Create products or services that nobody cares of, is useless and pointless.

    If you start from your potential audience and their needs, you will definitely create what people will love.

    AND our goal is to create fashion products or services that people will fall in love.

    When I started my fashion jewelry business Maiden-Art in 2006, I started creating fashion collections without thinking about my customers, but thinking only about what I wanted to create.

    That’s why, I was not able to sell enough of my collection and soon I became in debts. You can read more here about my story.

    BUT when I understood deeply the problems and secret desires of my potential customers, things completely changed.

    I could sell my fashion jewelry (my irresistible offer) to the right people eager to buy from me.

    I’m pretty sure, you can do the same as me with your ideal audience.

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  2. Tell Great Stories that your dream customers can see themselves in your story.

    People love stories and they love to buy from other people.

    Tell stories that your customers can relate to or they can be inspired.
    Just remember that facts tell and stories sell.

    The human brain remember stories not facts and if you tell great stories around your irresistible offer, you will remembered.

    Tell to your dream customer a story about the transformation they can have when they use your fashion products or services.

    For example: if you are selling one of kind healing jewelry,”how do your customers feel when they wear your healing jewelry?” Do they feel more confident or relieved?

    Or if you are an image consultant..How do your customer they feel when they work with you on a wardrobe consultancy session?

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  3. Be seen as an expert.

    When you position yourself as an authority (even if you are shy or you are afraid of making mistakes) people will believe and respect you.

    When I started teaching fashion design, fashion history and marketing in 2006, at my first Italian Fashion Academy, IED Moda Lab in Milano, I felt so nervous “my knees were knocking”, because it was my first experience and I din’t know how to act.

    BUT when I was on stage talking to more than hundreds of students of fashion, that they were there for me, I felt so empowered and instantly I acted like the authority.

    The fashion students looked at me as an authority just because of how I presented myself.

    So you can do it too in your fashion business.

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Hope this article will help you in starting or growing your Fashion Business in the right way and creating the life you always wanted around your Fashion Biz.

As always please feel free to ask me any questions or to share your thoughts here below, as they will help other people reading this post.

Thank you so much for spending time reading my blog post and I wish you all the best possible in your amazing journey in the Fashion Industry!



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3 Secrets to Make Irresistible Offer for Fashion Business.
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10 months ago

Creating your own fashion line requires the customer confidence in your products. Their interests should be considered before starting production

10 months ago

Wonderful points, thank you

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