Start a Clothing Line from Home?

After the success of my previous blog post How to Start a Fashion Business with NO Money  many of you were asking me how they could start a clothing line from home.

So, I decided to challenge myself again…

AND that’s why, I’ve created 9 Steps to Start a Clothing Line from Home.

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Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

BUT before dive in, I have a FREE MINI TRAINING for you: How to Start a Successful Fashion Business.

AND NOW Let’s dive in!

How to Start a Clothing Line from Home

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  • Decide who are your Dream Customers.

    What are your Dream Customers problems?
    How can you solve their problems with your idea and consequently your clothing line?
    You must know the right people, who will benefit and pay for your clothing line.
    Effectively understand who is your ideal customer allows you to build your entire fashion business, message, clothing line, services, sales and support, that’s why you should know your dream customer as you know your best friend. If you want to learn more about how to attract the right people for your clothing brand, check my freebie.

  • Research about your Competitors.

    Once you know your niche, you should find who are your competitors and how you can create a better fashion collection and clothing than them.
    Try to understand what is missing in your niche in the fashion industry and what you can do better than your competitors.

  • Write down your Business Plan.

    A business plan is essential to plan ahead for costs, inventory, marketing and if you want to find investors for your business.
    If you don’t know how to write your business plan, I’ve prepared an easy guide for you: Easy Fashion Business Plan in 1 Hour.

    Easy fashion Business Plan in 1 Hour

  • Sketch your ideas and designs.

    Put your ideas on paper. If you are not able to sketch you can always hire someone to sketch for you or you can get inspired from a creative platform like Creative Market.

  • Source Materials for your Collection.

    Source the fabrics, trimmings, fastenings and materials you need to create your first collection’s prototypes.
    As you are starting small, you should source materials in your local area where you can find samples of fabrics and other materials, without invest a capital in inventory.

  • Create your Prototypes.

    If you are able to sew, you should create your first prototypes by yourself.
    In this way, you know how your clothes look like and you can adjust size, fitting where needed.
    If you are looking to find a sewing machine to create your fashion collection, I have for you 5 Best Sewing Machines to check.

    There are different types of sewing machines but this 5 sewing machines are perfect to create your fashion collection prototypes.
    So choose what works best for your needs.

    You can also learn more about how to use Sewing Machines from this amazing Guide: Sewing for Beginners  – Ultimate Sewing Machine Instructions.

    If you are able to sew  you will definitely create amazing prototypes for your collection ready to show to your potential customers.

  • Find Manufactures.

    When you have create your prototypes and you want to start a production, you need to find the right manufactures for your fashion business. You can check  Sewport, where you can get quotes from trusted manufactures.

  • Determine your Prices.

    Now that you have made your prototypes, you need to determine your costs and the price you would like to sell your clothing collection.
    Make sure to get a clear picture of your Fashion Business profit and expenses to make sure you are running a Fashion Business and not an expensive hobby.
    If you want to calculate your costs and profits, you can grab my guide: How to Calculate Costs + Profits for Fashion Business.

    Costs and Profits for Fashion

  • Sell your Clothing Line.

    Now it’s time to sell your fashion collection!
    You should now launch your own store or sell to marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon.
    I strongly suggest to start your own store first, if you want to start to build your name as a fashion brand.
    You can easily start your own store with Shopify
    If you want to learn How to Sell Your Fashion Brand Online and Offline, check this ebook.

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Although setting up your clothing line from home may seem easy, it’s not if you are planning to set up a real fashion business and NOT a hobby.

If you’re not ready for the ton of work the fashion industry requires, it’s best to keep your clothing line small.

Starting small is always the best thing to do, because you won’t feel overwhelmed and you can have a better control over your costs and your margins.

Want to learn more and quick? Check out our Ebook: How to Start a Clothing Line or any Fashion Business.

How to Start a Clothing Line or Any Fashion Business.

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How to Start a Clothing Line from Home
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beautiful post i love your post…would you like to tell me how can download ebook4 fashion…

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