Want to promote a Fashion Business?

Are you looking for different ways to promote a Fashion Business Locally than the markets?

Want to reach local people in your area?

When you start a Fashion Business, it’s a very good practice to promote it locally, before thinking of a national or an international market.

Whether you are starting a Fashion Product Business or a Fashion Service Business, you should consider to build a strong local presence, earning recognition and maintaining reputation locally.

If you reach your dream customers effectively and you gain their trust, you are likely to become a local celeb.

That’s why, I’ve created a list of 7 Ideas to Promote a Fashion Business Locally, that might help you to get in front of your ideal audience locally and spread the word about your Fashion Brand.

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  1. Get a Google My Business Listing
    Many people are searching for what you are offering on Google, so It’s very important to get listed on Google Business. Create your profile on Google Business, when people search for fashion
    businesses like yours, you’ll come up both as a search result and within Google Maps.
    Here’s an example of my jewelry brand Maiden-Art on Google My Business.
    Italian Statement JewelryList your Fashion Biz on Google My Business even if you are working from home. List it whether you are selling fashion products or services.
  2. Get listed on Yelp
    List your Fashion Business on Yelp so potential customers can find you more easily through this site’s directory.Get fashion business listed on yelp
  3. Get Listed on Foursquare
    Over 50 million people use Foursquare to discover great businesses and share them, so make sure to list your Fashion Business on this platform, too.
    When people come to visit you at your place, they can check in and share what they are doing at your place with their friends.
  4. Be part of Local Directories or Associations
    Get to know people around your area and network with them.
    So you might consider to contact: your local Chamber of Commerce,
    your local Fashion Associations, your YellowPages, etc..
  5. Get featured on Local Press and Media
    Pitch your Local Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and TV to promote your Fashion Business to your local audience.
    Learn more on this ebook: how to get featured in Print Publications for Fashion Business.
  6. Work with Local Influencers or Bloggers on Instagram
    Working with local influencers or bloggers, can be a great opportunity for your Fashion Business, because their audience is
    smaller and usually more active and engaged.
    The best way is to find them on Instagram and contact them directly.
    Here’s an example of a local influencer in the area I live.
  7. Promote your Fashion Business with Local Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
    You can invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads to drive local visitors to your store.
    I’ve already written about Facebook Ads to target local customers for my physical boutique in Italy in a blog post before and it worked amazingly. You can read it here.

Now, it’s your turn!

Make a to do list based on the suggestion I’ve outlined here, start from what is the best place where you can find your dream customers.

Do you promote a Fashion Business Locally?

I’d love to hear from you!

p.s. If you want to get featured in Print Publications for Fashion Business, check this ebook.


7 Ideas to Promote a Fashion Business Locally

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