Are you dreaming to Launch a Fashion Business on Instagram?

Want to launch your Clothing Line on Instagram?

Are you starting your Styling Service on IG?

Do you feel Instagram is your thing?

Chanel has 28 Million Followers, Gucci has 25.7 Million Followers but small brands or fashion businesses can reach thousands of people through Instagram and grow a community of people around their business!

I’ve honestly never cared about the quantity of followers you need
to have to start or to grow a Fashion Business, BUT I’ve always cared
about the QUALITY of followers you should have on Instagram
and on all social media, if you want to turn them into REAL Customers!

Instagram is the best social media for Fashion Businesses, because it’s a visual platform and people can interact immediately with you,
know about your Fashion Business but also
know more about your personal life through Instagram Stories or
the new IGTV.

That’s why, I think you should seriously consider
to launch a Fashion Business on Instagram as the main channel to focus your attention, if you want to create an engaged audience for your brand.

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If you want to launch a Fashion Business on Instagram from scratch, here’s the 5 steps to take when starting out.

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  • Define your Goals.

    I will be never tired to repeat to set your Goals first always! Before creating your Instagram profile, you should think about what goals do you want to reach with it.

  • Create your Fashion Brand and Identity.

    My first advice to anyone building a fashion business on Instagram is to think as you are building a personal brand through Instagram, so it means to think as you are creating your own fashion magazine.
    Which pictures or videos would you like to post in your magazine?

  • Attract your Right Followers.

    How do you get followers when you have none? You have 2 options or you advertise (the quickest way with Instagram Ads or Influencer marketing) or you can build an organic fashion community through finding the right hashtags or sharing your IG profile on other Social Media.
    You can read one of my blog post about 10 simple ways to grow your Followers on Instagram.

  • Post at the right time.

    Posting at the right time is essential, because there is no point to post when your audience is not online. You want to know your audience and you want to reach your people, so you definitely need to post when they are there for you.
    Now you probably are wondering: how do I know when is it the best time for me to post? No worries, it’s very simple.
    You can learn more about your audience from your Instagram insights.
    Posting at the right time will definitely help you to grow your audience and launch your Fashion Business on Instagram.

  • Use the best tools, schedulers and automation to increase your community.

    If you feel overwhelmed or you don’t have time to post every single day on your Instagram profile, the best way is to schedule your post in advance. My suggestion is to use a scheduler like:
    Planoly or  Later to schedule your Instagram posts or stories.
    I love them both and I use them both for my fashion businesses Ebooks4fashion and Maiden-Art.

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5 Steps to Launch a Fashion Business on Instagram

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