Start a Fashion Business with No Money? 

Do you dream to start your own fashion business, but your pocket is crying?

Are you a very creative person, but you don’t know how to start fashion business from scratch?

If you answered YES, to my 3 questions above, you are in the right place.


Because now, your Dreams come True.

I’m writing this blog post, because I wanted to challenge myself to think How can I start a fashion business with no money ?

How can I run a fashion business with no money in the digital economy?

Is it possible?

After a long thought, I came to the conclusion that it is totally possible and in this article, I explain you why.

I wrote, a few days ago, an article about How to Start a Fashion Business, but today I want to focus my attention on how to start a fashion business with no money at all.

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How to Start a Fashion Business with NO Money

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That’s why I created for you 5 Steps about How to Start a Fashion Business with No Money.

Are you ready to create the fashion business and the life of your DREAM?

I don’t want to wait you any longer, so let’s dive in!

  1. Start with your WHY.Why do you want to start a fashion business? What is your Why?Why are you so passionate to start your Fashion Business?If it’s difficult for you to find your WHY, you can learn from my previous article here.
  2. Who is your Dream Customer? For who do you want to start a fashion business? Which problems are you satisfying with your offer?Which secret desires are you fulfilling with your fashion products or services?AND finally which benefits are you giving to your potential audience?It’s very important for you to have a clear idea of your ideal customers, because if you don’t know for who you are creating your fashion products or services, it will be a nightmare to sell.Remember that you are not selling, BUT you are helping people, your dream customers with your fashion products or services, because you are solving a problem for them.For example, you are an image consultant and you are focusing your fashion services on helping women during pregnancy, with a wardrobe consultation.Why are you solving a problem?Because women during pregnancy (I know very well because I’ve just gave birth to my first child) feel a bit strange as their body is changing a lot and they don’t feel sexy as before.They put weight on so they must change their wardrobe, so they might need an help of an image consultant to find the right clothes for them, that can make them feel sexy and beautiful as before.So you see that you are helping people with your fashion service?Another example it can be: if you are a jewelry designer and you create beautiful jewelry for petite girls, so your jewelry can be the perfect gift for who is looking for something special to give as a present for Christian communion or confirmation.Don’t you agree now that you are solving always a problem for someone?

    If it’s difficult for you to understand who is your dream customer, don’t worry I have a freebie for you.

    3. Now, you must start your BLOG (and you can do it for FREE with or even if you are not a tech savvy) and promote it through your social media.

    Now, probably you are wondering but I want to start a fashion product business, like a fashion clothes line, how can I start with no money?

    You can my dear. You can use companies like PRINTFUL,
    white-label, print-on-demand drop shipping for custom printed and embroidered products.

    So for example, you pay PRINTFUL to produce your collections of tshirts only when you have sold them.
    You receive an order of a tshirt from your customer and you collect the payment, then you send the order to PRINTFUL  to print the tshirt,  they will print your tshirt and ship it to your customer.

    Afterwards, you pay PRINTFUL.

    Pretty simple right? No money to invest in inventory before.

    You can do the same if you want to start a fashion service business, you can start with your blog in WordPress and then use your social media to promote your services. You can even sell your fashion services through Facebook or through Instagram.

    4. Need to find funds? Want to start a Fashion Business, but you don’t have enough funds on your side? Crowfunding is for you.

    It’s the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet.

    You can learn how to use crowdfunding for fashion business in one of my besteller ebook.

    5. Learn from the best. Learning is the best strategy I can suggest you to implement.

    You should find a mentor and learn from him or her.

    Make learning a non negotiable thing for your personal growth and for your fashion business.

    You can learn from free from the internet or you can invest in yourself on a paid online course or on a 1:1 coaching session.

    Both strategies are very valuable, but remember that if you invest in yourself on a paid online course or on a 1:1 coaching session, you will get results in the most fast way, because everything is there for you.

    SO, now it’s turn!

    Are you serious to Start a Fashion Business?

    Do want to learn more?

    If you are really passionate and determined to start a fashion business, you should join the waitlist of START4FASHION online course: How to Start the Right Fashion Business, because it’s the perfect online course for who wants to start a fashion product or a fashion service business.

    Here’s the link to join the Waitlist >

    Hop you enjoyed this article about How to Start a Fashion Business with NO Money and love to see you with your fashion business project ready to start!



How to Start a Fashion Business with No Money

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