Fashion Business Success? Here’s the best tips and tricks from my Interview with Dessy Tsolova, CEO of

Hello Fashionistas,

Today I have the pleasure to interview Dessy Tsolova, CEO of ,
the best platform, that connects your ideas to designers, manufacturers and fashion industry specialists worldwide.

I’ve already spoken about Utelier, in one of my previous blog post and you can read about it here.

During the interview, we are are going to talk about:

* W
hat is fashion today.* What are the biggest challenges in the fashion industry.* What’s missing in the fashion industry right now.* the best advices for who is starting a fashion business.* The best advices for who wants to grow and scale a fashion business.

Fashion business success is a mix of many ingredients, but one most important that you should really consider for yourself is:

“If you want to succeed in your fashion business, you should cut all the noises around you” words from Dessy Tsolova.

If you want to succeed in your fashion business, you should cut all the noises around you. Click To Tweet“.

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So I don’t want to make you wait any longer  watch now the interview or listen to it in The Fashion Marketing Podcast!


Watch the Video Interview >>

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Hope you enjoyed this amazing interview and as usual if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I’d be more than happy to help you!



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Fashion Business Success tips and tricks: Interview with Dessy Tsolova, CEO of
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