Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |

Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018.

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Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |

Trends will always come and go. And new ones pop up all the time. It might seem overwhelming to follow the latest fashion in everything, but a few tricks here and there might actually make it work for you in terms of getting that “current” look on social media and in everyday life.
Let’s check out what’s cutting edge for 2018.

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Bold Is Still Around

2017 was the year of bold lips and strong eye makeup. Lashes, liners and plump lips full of colour were the thing. Well, that trend is not quite out yet. The look is going to remain popular this year as well, so don’t be in a hurry to change it.

Makeup that puts an accent on both your eyes and lips is guaranteed to give you a healthy look. Colour versus pale is fresh, and doesn’t leave that fashion victim impression that goes with many fashion phenomena. That’s probably one reason why last year’s trend is still around. It definitely looks good on people.

You don’t have to overdo it, of course. Use common sense to judge what’s appropriate on work days, and especially if you are on the market hunting for a job. Check out this article for guidelines on job interview hair and makeup for success. You can choose to put on a strong eyeliner and pair it with soft eyeshadow, creating a focused, yet beautiful, gaze. Bold eyes and a soft day-look lips are fine for the office. And you can pop more colour on your lips at a club in the evening.

Give Your Face A Healthy Glow

Matte might easily even out your skin tone, but it also has the disadvantage of making your skin look extra dry and flaky. Winter makes the situation even worse, because your face is suffering from the effects of harsh weather, so any powder will aggravate the already poor skin condition. Not to mention that it adds extra years and makes you look older than you actually are.

Make sure you hydrate your face well instead, and finish off by using a liquid highlighter or other kind of mositurizer that will flatter and complement your features. If you want a detailed outline with steps on how to achieve a glowing look in minutes, here’s a good guide. Proper hydration not only makes your skin appear plump and full, but also works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Ethereal Beauty

Nothing pairs with glowy skin better than an overall ethereal beauty effect. Glow, glitter and polish that create that otherworldly impression and make a woman resemble a forest fairy is quite the theme according to NCLA beauty – nails, lipstick, makeup. Hair is also “affected” by the makeup trend characteristics – silver highlights, gem roots, rainbow colours and balayage set the foundation for the choice of makeup and nail looks that work best with a specific hairdo.

Since this is not applicable or wearable on a daily basis (unless you are in the creative industry, of course), products that achieve a polished appearance and healthy glow will absolutely do the job just fine. This is where liquid or gel highlighters and bronzers come in especially handy. Glossy eyeshadows and glitter nail polish are also a good idea for when you are out clubbing.

Dynamic Nail Art Geometry

Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |

If you are a fan of one-shade nail polish, you will need to catch up on some trends. Dynamic geometry is the thing this year. Prepare for a variety of colours and multiple designs. Geometric shapes are at the top of beauty, makeup and style forecasts for the season, together with the abovementioned glittery nails.

Geometric lines, black and white shapes and nail art are representative ideas. If you are not a fan of glitter, there are some minimalist designs you can check out at Triangles, negative space and ombre are just a few you can experiment with.

It all depends on your individual style, preferences and budget to decide how you will personally take the catwalk trends to the sidewalk and wear them this season.

Makeup and nails trends for 2018 is a big inspiration for my new jewelry line and I’m sure it can be for you, too!

Hope you enjoyed this new blog post about Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018!



p.s. Are you struggling on how to start a fashion business? This article will definitely help you.

Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018

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Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Makeup and Nails Trends For 2018, Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |
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