How to manage a fashion business?

Where do I find the best manufactures and contacts in the fashion industry?

How to find a manufacture or supplier for your fashion product idea?

These are 3 questions that I’ve been asked so many times, that’s why Today I really want to introduce you the best platform, that connects your ideas to designers, manufacturers and fashion industry specialists worldwide: Utelier.

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When I started my jewelry business Maiden-Art more than 10 years ago, there were no platforms or directories where to find suppliers and manufactures in fashion.

The only thing I was able to do, if I wanted to produce my jewelry collection, it was to find suppliers at a physical tradefair in Italy or by words of mouth.

Today is another story.

For some reason I can say, It is much much easier than before, but only if you know the right platform to use.

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The best platform to use to find new suppliers for my jewelry business is definitely Utelier.

Utelier is a all in one platform from sourcing, design, manufacturing and specialist help, an online database of contacts at your disposal.

No matter what you’re looking for, from designers to factories or industry specialists; you can choose from hundreds of professionals, based on your needs, budget and manufacturing requirements.

Is this not a dream?

If you are looking for how to manage a fashion business or you are looking for new suppliers, manufactures or if you would like to offer your services in the fashion industry, don’t look any further, Utelier is the right place for you.

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How to manage a fashion business: Utelier

Want to learn more? You can read my interview on Utelier’s Blog.

To learn more on how to manage a fashion business or for more fashion marketing tips and tricks to grow your fashion business, sign up to my free resources:



p.s Are you stuck with your fashion business plan? This article is definitely for you.

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How to manage a Fashion Business: Utelier.
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jack efron
7 months ago

Thanks for sharing this tips about fashion business
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