Why start a Fashion Business?

Do I really want to run a business in fashion?

These are 2 very important questions you should ask yourself before starting any kind of business in fashion.

Setting up a business is very hard but a business in fashion more than any other kind of business.

Setting up a business is very hard but a fashion business more than any other kind of business. Click To Tweet

Starting a business in fashion is one of the most challenging experience because the fashion industry is a hyper competitive industry and also a very saturated industry, so there is NOT enough space for everybody in it.

With that said, I really don’t want to discourage you, instead I really want to push you to start your own business.

That’s why in this article, I want to talk about 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Fashion.

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  1. MONEY :

    Do you have access to funds or capitals to start a Business?

    If your answer is YES, that’s great so go for it.

    I’m asking you that because it ‘s the first thing you should consider before thinking of a business in fashion.

    You have to get really clear on your funds and how much money do you have on your side to start.

    Are you going to ask money to your family and friends first?

    Are you planning to ask for a loan from your bank?

    Did you consider Crowdfunding for Fashion ?

    If you want to learn about Crowdfunding and How to Fund Your Business in Fashion please feel free to check my Ultimate Guide.

    How to Use Crowdfunding for Fashion Business

    Anyway, the best and smartest thing to do is to write down a clear business plan to use for yourself if you need a guideline on how to organize your business or to present to investors and to your bank if you are planning to ask for a loan. Having enough money is so vital for people wanting to run a successful business. It will take a while before the business starts profiting, so make sure that you have enough financial backing to be able to make the company work. If you need help with the financial side of the business, you could always consider getting in touch with a financial advisor or accountant in your local area. These services can normally be found from marketing campaigns. These days, a lot of financial services look to websites like https://www.leadjig.com/ for marketing help to get their companies out there. By promoting their services, these financial companies are likely to reach more clients and grow their services even more. Hopefully, from their marketing efforts, fashion businesses should be able to find a financial service near them. That should give the businesses more support with their business plan, hopefully, helping them to reach more success.

    You can also read my previous article about 5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan for Fashion Business.


    Are you ready to work 24h/7 day a Week?

    If You answered Yes, again, then go for it.

    When you are starting a business in fashion, whether it is a fashion product based business (for example you are a fashion designer) or a fashion service based business (for example you are an image consultant) you should be prepared to become a workaholic.

    There are so many things to do and to run in your own business that you will never imagine.

    You have to figure out a lot of things like where you would get raw materials from (if you are a fashion designer), how you would market and promote your products or services, how to increase revenue and profitability, how you would beat the competitors and a bunch of other important things.

    So you have to think that your own business will be your FIRST priority day and night and unfortunately you probably will have not enough time for your family and friends.

    Your own business is like your daughter and your son, so you will put all of your efforts in it.

    I always give this funny but true answer when people ask me the question: “How many children do you have”?

    I have 3 children: Elettra which is my beloved 3 months old daughter, Ebooks4fashion which is my fashion marketing coaching/consultancy and online courses business, and Maiden-Art which is my one of a kind jewelry business!

    Running a business requires you to put all the energy you have in it!


    Are you ready to spend many and many years in it?
    Building a business in fashion could take years and years, sometimes more than 5 years to start to breakeven.

    So my question for you is : how are you planning to survive and maintain yourself if your business in fashion doesn’t pay your living straight away?


    Are you ready to forget to be a creative person?

    Again, I don’t want to discourage you, BUT I just want to be honest with you and to tell you the truth.

    When you are running a business in fashion 90% is about marketing, sales, manufacturing if you are selling products, Pr and 10% is about the creative side.

    If you are not ready to think about yourself as the CEO of your business in fashion, then maybe it’s better if you consider to work for other businesses.


    Are you tough? Do you have a strong Self Discipline? Are you ready to spend many hours, days and weeks only by yourself?

    When you are running a business, you must know that nobody will tell you what to do.

    So you must have a strong self discipline and a strong focus because you will have to wake up every morning with lots of energy, even if you are sick or depressed, you must go on with your work, because your work depends on YOU.

So if you are really focused and motivated on start a business in fashion, and you want to know how to start , START4FASHION is the right online course for you.

START4FASHION is the perfect course for who wants to START a Business in Fashion”

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Start a Fashion Business from Zero.

And now it’s your turn!

What do you think about starting your own business?

I’d love to hear from you!



p.s. Here’s the link to enroll for Start4fashion online course: How to start your own Business in Fashion from zero.

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Why start a Fashion Business.
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2 years ago

Thank you for this honest and super clear post! I’m completely agree with you Maristella. Starting and running a fashion business from scratch is hard and we need to be conscious of that before starting” thanks again!

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