Keep yourself accountable?

Here’s how.

Today, I want to talk about “How to keep Yourself Accountable in your Fashion Business”


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How to keep yourself accountable in your Fashion Business


“Accountability means that you are responsible for things that happen and can give a satisfactory reason for them“.


Many of us talk about the same problems for years and years, without changing anything in our life and Fashion Business.


We talk about how we can get more customers, spend less money, waisting less time and grow more our Fashion Businesses, but we keep doing things in the same old ways, without changing anything or without actually taking real action!

Sometimes we don’t have the courage to change our way of work or to start something completely new, because we are so afraid of failures.

Other people instead think they want to reach their goals, but they want them too quickly and they don’t have the passion and the determination to go on, even when it’s so hard.

Can you relate?

How do we hold ourselves accountable and stop procrastinating in our Fashion Business?

One answer is to get an accountability friend or partner.

Accountability partners or friends can help us make meaningful progress.

Surrounding ourselves with people invested in our success is the best way to achieve our goals.


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Follow these steps to set up an accountability friend/partner for your Fashion Business.

  1. Choose a person that can be your accountability partner.

    I suggest you to choose someone that is not to close to you, (I mean not your best friends as they would be to nice maybe to you, even when you feel lazy!) but choose someone that you trust or respect or a mentor or a coach that can help you to be accountable and reach your goals.
    If you don’t know how to start you can:

    * join my VIP Facebook group, to be accountable with other fashion entrepreneurs like YOU.

    *or you can ask me for a very affordable WhatsApp coaching session here.

    WhatsApp Coaching Session Fashion booster
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it.

    You must set up a plan. Schedule the day during the week or how many days during the month, you want to meet your accountability partner, online or offline is the same.

    Put it on your calendar, so you’ll be sure to commit to it.
    If you need an help on how to create a plan for your Fashion Business. You should check my workbook “Easy Fashion Business Plan in 1 Hour”. 

    Easy Fashion Business Plan in 1 Hour.

    This ultimate workbook contains an easy template and questions to answer to create your Fashion Business plan in just 1 Hour, whether you are a Product or a Service based Business in Fashion.

    Think of this Workbook as your key to create your Fashion Business plan in the most easy way, even if you hate numbers and you are not very much into the financial side of your business.

    This workbook has been compiled for many months and is finally available.

    Grab your copy here.

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  3. Set better goals.

    Create with your accountability partners specific, measurable and time oriented goals, so you will not get frustrated if you cannot achieve everything so quickly.
    Starting with small steps and get them done, it’s always the best solution to get what you want.
  4. Be honest.

    Be honest with your accountability partner and yourself.
    Your accountability partner should be brutally honest to help you achieving your goals in your Fashion Business.
  5. Ask great questions.

    By asking great questions, you and your accountability partner can break through invisible barriers and you can achieve your goals in the easiest ways possible.

And what about you?

Now it’s up to you.

If you truly want to take your Fashion Business and Life to the next level, don’t wait any longer, start Today!



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How to keep yourself accountable in your Fashion Business
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