A change of life ? Yes, it was and it is my dear fashionistas,
We are almost at the end of 2017 and lots of things happened to me this year!
It was really a 2017 a change of life year for myself and my fashion businesses,  for many reasons that I want to share with you!
First of all, last May I found myself pregnant and I will have a my daughter next January 2018!
It was a very shocking news, a change of life, only because it was unexpected and I had to rethink my life in a new way!
At first, I was a bit afraid, because I was not prepared, but also because I had to re-think and re-organize my lifestyle and my businesses.
I always thought myself more as business woman than a mother,
I don’t know if I can explain very well this concept, but I always thought about me as a woman on working, working and working but I just realized that you can combine everything, if only you want and believe in yourself! You can combine perfectly your business and your family, only if you want and you believe in yourself!
When I found myself pregnant in May, Ebooks4fashion was just at the beginning and I was not sure, how I could deal everything at once with also my jewelry business Maiden-Art, so I was a bit confused.
Then, I thought to take a step further, and believing more and more in myself, I wanted to invest again in myself with an online program and a new mentorship that helped me to re-shape my life and businesses, for this new adventure I’m going to take next year with my new baby girl!
So in a time where I had lots of expenses for everything needed for my health during pregnancy and for my baby, me and my men decided that it was the time also to invest in myself in something that could keep me on track with a strong mindset and a re-organized lifestyle and businesses.
I cannot deny it was a hard decision to invest in myself, a change of life, with a new expensive mentorship program, during the time I have many other expenses…
…But, as it happened to me in the past when I invested in myself while I had a USD 50K debt, it was again a great decision to take and it was really worthed.
change of life, 2017 a change of life year for myself and my fashion businesses, Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business | Ebooks4fashion.com
So here what happened from May until now:
I decided to re-organize my two businesses Ebooks4fashion and Maiden-Art,
in a more automated way, so next year, while I will take time off for my maternity leave, my businesses can go on without me.
That’s why, I’ve created 3 new online courses for Ebooks4fashion, focusing all my energy and efforts on helping women to create the fashion business of their dreams with consistent monthly sales.
I’ve re-organized my jewelry brand Maiden-Art for a more focused business on a one of a kind rockmantic jewelry, available only one piece for each style, so I could help better my customers to feel more unique and precious wearing something available only for them.
I’ve re-organized Ebooks4fashion and Maiden-Art in a way that everything is more automated and on autopilot, so I can have next year more time off to spend with my daughter and my family.
Finally, I’ve also re-organized my finances and investments so I could earn money also without working.
I think if you plan ahead and you organize your life with a strong focus, you can definitely reach your goals and you can be satisfied with every aspect of your life.
Life is an adventure and you should enjoy every minute of it, with gratitude first for what you have and with an open heart for what you can receive!
So, next year will be a big adventure for me and I’m ready for it.
Are you planning your 2018 for a change of life? Are you investing in yourself? Are you organizing your fashion business, that will drive sales on autopilot while you are sleeping?
This is the best time of the year, to make a change in your life and in your fashion business, so, don’t wait any longer and TAKE ACTION NOW!
Trust me, you will not regret, because I’ve been there before!
If you want to learn more you can check my online courses and coaching/mentorship program one to one.

To your fab fashion success in 2018,

p.s. if you have any questions just hit reply to this email or join me in my VIP Facebook Group.
p.p.s. I’ll be out of office for Christmas time and New Year Eve until 8th of January! I will be back on 9th of January with exciting news for you!
2017 a change of life year for myself and my fashion businesses

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