Why you need to invest in yourself to make money in your fashion business?

This is something very important I want to share with you this week.
Believe me, investing in myself was the best decision, I’ve ever taken in my life.
Not only my jewelry business Maiden-Art changed but also my life completely changed and became full of richness.
I started to invest in myself in 2010, when I was in debt of $50K dollars and I’ve never stopped since then.

Because I truly believe in the power of LEARNING.

More you learn, more your brain sees everything clear, and this is what happened to me.
I was in debt, but I invested in myself anyway.
I found a way to invest in myself to get out of my debt, actually, paying all my debt and getting in profit of $35K in only one year!
Invest in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have.

It sends a powerful message to yourself and the world, because you TAKE ACTION with energy, space and time to grow and create amazing results.

why you need to invest in yourself to make money in your fashion business

I would love to share with you
5 ways to invest in yourself to make money in your fashion business (that have helped me and changed my life):


1. Set goals and honor your intuition.

As I said many times, setting clear written goals and commit to them is the first step to change your life and consequently your fashion biz.

When you write down what you want, your brain gets more focused and you are forced to clarify what you want.

You can show yourself love by trusting your gut and honoring the message that it’s sending, too.

2. Invest your time in creativity and in taking care of your health.

You should always be inspired, have fun and see beauty everywhere.

Feed your brain with beauty. You can find beauty in everything and in everyday life, from the first minute in the morning you wake up, to the last second before you close your eyes to sleep.

It’s also free, you just need to see.

Take care also of your health everyday, from healthy food to taking a simple walk everywhere you are.

3. Invest in building your confidence with a strong positive mindset.

Be grateful for who you are and what you have right now is the first step to build your confidence and keep you mindset strongly positive.

You can start to be grateful just with saying thank you because you are alive.

4. Read books, join online programs, attend seminars, webinars, events, etc…

Keep learning, read as many books you can, join online programs, attend webinars, etc…I’m always hungry to read and learn from everywhere and everyone.

Make a ongoing education a non – negotiable habit so, you can constantly improve yourself and your fashion business skills.

5. Invest in a coach.
A coach can assist you in putting all of these strategies into action.
He or she is your partner in success.

A coach will help you to reach your goals in a faster and more profitable way.

If you need a Coach just here for you, please feel free to check our New Service:


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Are you investing in yourself?

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Why you need to invest in yourself to make money in your fashion business
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