Do you know your “WHY” in your Fashion Business?

I’m asking you that question, because it’s one of the most important question I’ve ever asked to myself when I started my jewelry business
Maiden-Art and even more now, with my new “baby” Ebooks4fashion.

AND actually, I ask that question to myself for every new project I embrace, to be aligned with my core values and my mission.

Few months ago, I discovered I was pregnat of my first child, so,
I started to look, even more deeper into myself, than before.
I felt that I needed to change my life to align it with my values and my mission.
I really wanted to focus my attention, more and more, on my WHY
and on what I wanted to achieve for myself and for my new “Family”.
I’ve just realized that I wanted to focus on Ebooks4fashion,
to help other women entrepreneurs in fashion, like me,
to achieve their goals of having a successful business,
whether it’s a fashion product or a fashion service based business.


‘Cause, I truly believe in women’s power and strength more than anything else and I want to transmit my believes to my daughter.

I want her to know that, she can achieve anything she wants in life,
starting from scratch, like I did.
That’s why, I’m focusing all my energy and attention on Ebooks4fashion.
I told you my personal story, because, I honestly hope, it can be inspiring for you, so, you can ask to yourself your WHY in your fashion business or
if you already know it, to keep it always in mind for your goals.

do you know your why in fashion

Here are 7 questions that helped me to find my WHY and they can help you, too:

1. Why are you working in fashion? 


2. What makes you come alive working in fashion?


3. What is a great day look like in your fashion business?


4. What does success look like for you and for your fashion biz?


5. How do you want to feel about your impact on the world with your fashion business?


6. What are your innate strenghts, that you can use for your fashion biz?


7. Which values you want to add to other people’s life with your fashion biz?

Knowing your purpose may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you.
But when you know your inner power, there is really little that you can’t do.

Do you know your WHY?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

With love from sunny Milan Italy,


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Do you know your why in your fashion business?
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