How do you manage your fashion business and life?

This is the question that I’ve been asked most of the time!
And my answer is very simple: I don’t.
Yes, you heard me well. It’s really hard, or actually I can say impossible sometimes, to manage a fashion business (now two actually) and a private life.
For so many years, I struggled with the problem of growing my jewelry brand Maiden-Art and at the same time having a personal life.
When you are a passionate entrepreneur and you put all of your energy, dreams, efforts, tears and happy moments in your BABY (yes, because I’ve always considered my jewelry business my little baby) it’s so difficult to separate your work from your personal life.
It’s also so difficult to find people around you, that can understand what you are doing and they truly support you.
Can you relate?
Honestly, for many years, at the beginning of my career especially, I was unable to see friends, spend time with my family and my ex-boyfriend…
I was so absorbed by my fashion business that I couldn’t even think about anything else.
AND at the same time I felt so alone to struggle for my BIG dream.
All of these, caused me a broken relationship and unfortunately, some friends became strangers, too.

Never talking about that, at the same time, I was struggling so hard to get consistent sales and money, that I became in debt of $50K dollars.
(Do you remember my email few weeks ago about my story and what I learnt from my $50K debt ?)
I’m telling you my personal experience, because at one point, something really changed in myself, in my mindset, in my fashion business and I want to share with you my


that helped me to create the LIFE I HAVE NOW:
How to manage your fashion business and a life



1. Focus only on the SOLUTIONS and NOT on the Problems.

2. Concentrate ONLY on ONE THING at the time.

(for example: now I’m concentrating 90% on Ebooks4fashion, my online programs & coaching business and 10% on my jewelry business Maiden-Art, because

I want to put my energy only on one thing at the time to get as fast results as possible.

I want to spend more time with my man, my family and friends, too…and in the next few months, I gonna have a baby girl, so I need to have my fashion businesses running without me)

3. Plan, Schedule everything in ADVANCE and COMMIT to your PLANS.

Plan your day, week, month or even a year in advance.

I always plan ONLY 3 things to do every day, at the beginning of my working week and I commit to my plans, no matter of what happens.
It seems hard to believe but, I have more FREE TIME and I’m more happy, satisfied in my life and my fashion businesses now than before.
You know WHY?

Because I’m more organized and focused than before, even if I have more things to think and to do now than before.

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And how do you manage your fashion business and life?
I’d love to hear from you!

As usual, if you have any questions just comment below and I would be more than happy to help you!


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How to manage your fashion business and a life
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