Hello Fashionistas,

in the last few weeks, I’ve been very busy in my life and in my work, that’s why I was away for a while and that’s why I want to share something very personal,with You: I’ll be a new mompreneur.
Sometimes in life, things are changing so rapidly and in an unexpected way, that you are not ready at all or you are very afraid to face them.
That’s what happened to me in the last few weeks.
I was not ready to discover that I will be a new mom in a few months and I was pretty shocked.
Many thoughts, feelings, emotions just came to my mind, like happiness, worries, fears and only one sentence was always singing in my head, like a broken radio: “I’m not ready!!!!”
I was thinking all the time: “I’m not ready…I’m not ready…I’m running two businesses, my jewelry brand Maiden-Art and Ebooks4fashion that just started as a side business few months ago, I’ve just started an expensive online course to improve my life and businesses, the Marie Forleo’s Bschool program and I thought I’m not at the point I wish to be, I wish to earn more, I wish to have a bigger house, I wish to have more time, ect…how can I deal with everything now?
And then talking to my man, I’ve just realize, I’m not alone and also you will be never ready for anything in life, until you face the problems and fears, only in that way you can overcome them.
I don’t know if I explained very well everything I have in my mind, but I wanted to share so badly with you my personal thoughts, because my message is: “start always before you are ready because you are not alone”.
That’s the lesson I’ve learned in the last few weeks, I thought I knew already, but It was not true.
To grow in your business and in your life, you really need to start even if you are not ready, because if you wait, you will never start and you will never achieve your goals.
So, if you are ready to take action now, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I’ve re-opened my
FREE 30 minutes discovery call on skype, until 14th of June 2017, where can I help you through your specific challenges in your Fashion Business.
*We’ll get to know each other and determine if we are a good match to transform your fashion business together.
* I’ll be asking questions and getting to know you and your fashion business.
* I will give you some practical and helpful advices about how to improve your fashion business and I will make recommendations to you on what you should implement in your fashion biz.
* I will show you how it will be the process of working together and the successful results you can achieve.
Don’t wait any longer, take action now and think that you are not alone:
>>>Book Your FREE 30 Minutes Discovery Call Now!
If you want to build your Dream Fashion Business, overcome your fears and take action now, because you are not alone!
The 30 Minutes Free Discover Call on Skype is available only until 14th of June 2017.
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I’m super happy and thankful that you are part of my beautiful community on Facebook of Fashion Entrepreneurs and I hope to talk to you very soon!

p.s. if you have spoken with me already on the 30 minutes free call before, don’t worry, you can book it here, I would be more than happy to talk to you again!
Something very personal: I’ll be a new mompreneur ♡

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