How to use Instagram Stories for your Fashion Business.

  • Have you tried Instagram Stories already?

  • Are you looking to increase SALES in your Fashion Business?

You are in the right place. Instagram Stories is a perfect tool to grow sales in your Fashion Business.

On August 2, 2016, Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories allows users to share photos and videos,
which disappear after 24 hours
and don’t appear on the user’s profile grid or in their feed.

Instagram later added Live Video to Instagram Stories, allowing users to create and share disappearing live streaming videos of up to one hour.

In January 2017, Instagram announced that Instagram Stories had reached 150M users, and launched skippable ads.

Instagram Stories will definitely help You with engagement, and consequently to increase your Sales in your Business in Fashion.

If you want to know more about How to use Instagram Stories for your Fashion Business.
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If you want to learn more, I’ve also wrote an article about 10 ways to increase fro free your Instagram Followers for your fashion business

Used correctly, Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your fashion business.

You can attract your DREAM customers, the RIGHT Audience and nurture them through your images and your posts.
You can create a strong relationship with your DREAM customers, but like any other social network, there are clever ways to use it or wrong ways to use it.

In my previous post , you will learn all the tips and tricks to use your Instagram account successfully for your fashion business.

Instagram Stories for Your Fashion Business

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Now It’s up to You!

Only using this strategy with a CONSISTENT ACTION, you can get more SALES in Your Fashion Business.

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How to use Instagram Stories for your Fashion Business
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[…] Use Instagram Stories (if you want to learn more, I’ve also wrote about Instagram Stories in one of my previous blog post, that you can read here). […]

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