5 Easy Steps to attract your Target Customer in your Fashion Business.

5 Easy Steps to attract your Dream Customer in your Fashion Business.

Knowing deeply who your dream customer is, changes everything!
I have tried that directly in my jewelry business and in my coaching/consultancy business and I know for sure that knowing your dream customer at a very deep level, is the best thing you can do, even before starting a business, a new project or also to grow faster your fashion business.

Never matter, if you are a product or a service based business in fashion, first of all, think for who you are creating a product or a service, so you can speak your dream customer’s language, you can start building a relationship with him or her and you will not waste your time in places real or virtual, where you won’t find her or him.

This post is about getting to know the right people who will benefit and pay for your products or services in your fashion business, in the most effective way, with less stress and getting better and faster results for your business in fashion.

I’ve created 5 Easy Steps to attract your Dream Customer in your Fashion Business.


Let’s start.

5 Easy Steps to attract your Dream Customer in your Fashion Business.

  1. Visualize (also physically) your Target Customer.

    Is your dream customer a female or a male?

    How he or she is physically? Is she/he thin, fat, tall ,etc..? If you can, try to describe how he or she looks like.
    What’s her or his age?
    Which nationality? Where does she or he live? (try to be very specific, for example: she lives in a urban centre, like a big city or in a small town)

  2. Think about your Target Customer’s lifestyle.

    What is her or his profession?

    Which income?
    Is she or he single, married? Kids?
    What does she or he like to do in spare time? Hobby?
    Which kind of books does she or he read?
    Which kind of magazine does she /he subscribe?
    Does she or he watch TV or listen to the Radio? Which show?
    Which kind of Music does she/he listen to?
    Does she or he go to the Cinema? Which kind of movies?
    Does she or he hang out in clubs, bars, ect?
    Does she or he like to Travel and where?
    What does she or he like to eat?

  3. Describe your Target Customer’s Personal Style.

    Which kind of clothing/accessory brands does she/he like to wear?

    What do you think does she or he spend on a purchase of those brands?
    How much does she or he spend on fashion, monthly?
    What is her or his fear, challenge, frustration, problem?
    What is very important for her or him in life?
    What are her or his goals and priorities?
    What does she/he need right now in life?
    What makes she or he happy?
    Is she/he shopping online or in physical stores?

  4. Describe where you can find your Target Customer Online.

    Which kind of Social Media is she or he using? ( Be very specific. For example: Which kind of Facebook Group does she/he hang out?)
    Who is she/he following on Social Media?
    Where does she/he get information when your dream customer is in search mode?
    Is she/he using first Google to find something easily online?
    What is her or his preferred form of communication? ( Text, tweet, phone-calls,
    email, facebook post, snapchat, whatsapp, ect…)
    What phrases and exact language does she/he use?

  5. Think about how a day in your Target Customer’s Life look like.

    For example: what time does she/he get up in the morning? What time does she/he finish working?

To know deeply your dream customer, I suggest you to get Google Analytics for your website, or if you are using WordPress you can check the analytics inside your blog, or if you have an e-commerce like Shopify, use your Shopify insights, and get also the insights from all of your Social Media.
For Example you can learn a lot from your Instagram Insights.

More you are specific, deeper you know your dream customer and better results you will get.

If you answer all of these questions, you will have a more clear vision of who your dream customer is and where you can find her or him online and offline.
In this way, you can help better your dream customer, you can create a deeper level of emotional connection that grows loyal and raving fans for your fashion business.

How do you define your dream customer for your fashion business?

To your Successful Fashion Business,



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5 Easy Steps to attract your Dream Customer in your Fashion Business.
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