Hello Fashionistas,

I know you are very busy right now, working on your Holiday Sale Campaign and your Sales, but I just want to remind you that it is very important, even if you are very busy, to start to think about your plans for 2017.

I’m very busy too at this time of the year for my Sales for my jewelry brand Maiden-Art, but I’m making time to set my plans and goals for 2017.

So that’s why I wanted to share with you just 3 simple ideas, I use myself, to set your new plans and goals to Success for 2017.

  1. Look at your numbers from 2016.
    You can not go on, if you don’t face the fact that you need to know the numbers for your business from 2016. I know it seems boring or stressful right know, when you are really overwhelmed from your Holiday Sales, but honestly it’s the most important thing for you to really know your numbers, so you know what to improve or change, what it is working or not working, and go on from there.
    Check your numbers from:
    *Last year or 2 years SALES and INCOME  and compare them with your SALES from 2016.
    * Your EMAIL LIST SIZE from last year and compare with your list size in 2016. (As you know I’m a big fan of growing your email list, because I’m pretty sure that Money are in the list, and email marketing is the best way to reach your customers and your potential customers, too.)
    If you want to know more about how to increase your email list for FREE,  just have a look to my previous blog post here.
    * Your SOCIAL MEDIA presence from last year and in 2016.
    Your followers on Instagram, your fans on Facebook, your Twitter followers, your Pinterest followers, your Linkedln Connections, ect.. these are the Social Media I use for my businesses, but  check those you use for your Fashion Biz, what is working best for you.
  2. Set your Yearly goals in terms of SALES and also of what you want to reach in your Fashion Business, and break them down in monthly or even weekly goals.
    Personally, I prefer to think of Weekly and Monthly Goals as I think they are much easier to reach and I don’t feel overwhelmed.
    For Example: It’s much easier to think that you can reach €/$ 5K per month than 60K yearly.
  3. Set your Personal Goals too.
    I think that it’s really important if you want to grow your Fashion Business to grow yourself too. I’m a big fan of personal development and to work on your mindset and on what you want for yourself. Personal happiness is strongly connected with your Fashion Business Success.

I really wanted to write this blog post, because in the past I didn’t think in this way and I made so many mistakes I could avoid, and now I think it’s one of the most important thing to plan ahead as much as possible, to reach all of your personal and business goals without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Are you planning your goals for You and your Fashion business?

To your Successful Fashion Business,



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Plan your 2017 to Success for your Fashion Biz!
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