Hello Fashionistas,

being a fashion entrepreneur is not easy at all, actually it’s very hard.
Sometimes I feel over the moon and I feel the world is mine and other times I feel so down.
Con you relate? It’s totally normal when you work by yourself and you are creating the business of your dreams.
Motivating yourself is an important aspect to help you achieve success.
Motivation comes from goal setting and having a clear vision for your fashion business.

So today I want to share with you a very short and easy exercise I do every day to reach what i want, to feel more confident and motivated and not to feel overwhelmed.

Are you ready?

Take sheets and pen and make your daily TO DO LIST.

Concentrate on only 3 goals you want to do every day and reach them, no matter of what.

Everyday when I arrive in my store, the first thing I do, is to write down my “3 Goals” for the day, that I want to do and reach.
I usually spend 30 minutes to write down my to do list of 3 things, before starting my working day and routine.
Since I started to create my 3 things/goals to do list, I felt so much relieved and not overwhelmed as before.
It’s really important to create your list of 3 achievable  goals because your mind will be more concentrate to reach those goals and at the end of the day, you will feel more confident and more motivated to go on with your fashion business.

Try this exercise for at least one week and see the difference!

Now it’s your turn..do you have your daily to do list?

To your Success in your Fashion Business,



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How to feel more confident and stay motivated in your Fashion Business.

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