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Black Friday is coming very soon and it is one of the biggest Sale of the year, whether you are a fashion product based business or a fashion service based business, so you should really get the best of it.

Are you ready with your Sale Strategy for your Business in Fashion?

I have spoken with a few fashion entrepreneurs and it seems some of them are still  not exactly sure of what to do.
That’s why, I thought it will be helpful and valuable for you, to share one of my Black Friday and Cyber Monday fashion marketing strategy, I used before,  with you.
My fashion marketing strategy requires just a little preparation to get up and running, which means you still have enough time be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday when it arrives.
So now decide on your exact promotion for your fashion business.
Many fashion businesses offer massive discount to drive traffic on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You need to look at your margins and decide what you can afford.
Do what suits best for your business in Fashion, if it is a discount, or buy two and get 1 free, a gift, a gift card or some value you want to add to your promotion…

Once you have decided which strategy to go for, prepare your Fashion Marketing Strategy in 3 easy and free steps.

1.Create a Blog Post
Even if you are not blogging consistently ( I think it’s time you should start to do it, at least 1  x week) create a blog post with your promotion to title for example Black Friday deals 2016. In this way, you can tell your readers and your followers about your promotion and offer. Add also an image or header in your website that can link to your blog post with the Black Friday promotion.

2.Email Marketing
Even if your list size is small, you can get the best traffic and sales from your email marketing campaigns. As Marie Forleo says “money are in the list”, you should know that email marketing is your best resource to sell your offer, if you have nurtured your list with great value and content, before.
My suggestion is to create a sequence of emails to send to your list and to drive traffic and sales to your website or to your offer.
You should write 2 pre-sale emails and 3 sale emails.

Email #1: Tuesday 22nd of November 2016 . Time: 10 a.m or 11 a.m.
Anticipation email of your Black Friday promotion.
You should let know your dream customers that you will be having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Your call to action should be to drive them to your site or to your landing page, to start looking at your offer (whether you are selling products or services in fashion). You want them making a list of what they want before Friday.

Email #2: Thursday 24th of November 2016. Time: 6 p.m.
Reveal Email of your Black Friday promotion.
People will be looking at what to buy for Black Friday Sale, so this would be the perfect time to be in front of your dream customers again, revealing your offer.

Email #3: Friday 25th of November 2016. Time: 9 a.m.
Reminder email of your Black Friday promotion .
It’s Black Friday and you will have lots of competition during this day, so be sure to stand out with your email, reminding to your dream customers, your offer and use strong calls to action like ” %OFF discount, buy 2 and get 1 for Free, free shipping” ect..

Email #4: Monday 28th of November 2016. Time: 10 a.m or 11 a.m
Cyber Monday promotion email.
Just like your email you sent out the morning of Black Friday, you have to send out another email the morning of Cyber Monday.
You can offer a different promotion for Cyber Monday, it depends on how well was your Black Friday promotion.

Email #5: Tuesday 29th of November. Time: 10 a.m or 11 a.m
Promotion Extension email.
This is up to you, but many fashion entrepreneurs will extend the promotion until the end of the week, so if you would like to to that, write another email to tell your dream customers about your promotion extension.

3. Social Media
You can plan all of your Black Friday promotion on all of your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedln only in one place at the same time with Buffer.
I personally use Buffer for all my social media campaigns for my jewelry brand Maiden-Art
or for Ebooks4fashion, and I totally love it, because I can plan my campaigns, many days in advance, without rushing or be stressed to do everything at last minute.

Even with just a few days left,  you can still prepare your Black Friday Sale campaign and let your potential customers know about your amazing promotion you are offering for your business in fashion, so don’t waste more time and take action! 🙂

And what’s your strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your Fashion Biz?

To your Successful Fashion Business,



p.s. If you need any help creating your strategy for your Holiday promotion and sales campaign, you can book a fashion coaching session with me here.

Cover photo by Nick Knight.

3 Free last minute Black Friday sale strategies for your fashion biz

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Chelsea Wallace

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Maiden-Art Blog by Maristella Colombo

Thanks for your great comment Juli! 🙂


Thank you so much for the breakdown of how about doing this day by day to my list. All the best.

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