3 Mental Blocks preventing your Fashion Business Success.

Are you starting your own Business in Fashion or trying to boost your existing one?

Whether you are a fashion product or a fashion service business, there’s one thing that can hold you back: YOUR MIND.

Sometimes we feel stuck and We run into mental blocks.

All these things are stopping us to reach the Success, We want in our business in Fashion.

Can you relate?

Today, I want to share with you 3 Mental Blocks preventing your Fashion Biz Success, that I experienced in the past and I was able to overcome and arrive where I am Today.

1. Don’t have time in the day.
This is my favorite, because I think it’s the best excuse for everything.
I did the same in the past and believe me, when I used that excuse, It was just because, in my subconscious, I didn’t want to do something.
I’m pretty sure, if you want to do something or reach whatever you want, you’ll definitely find the way to do it.
No matter of what you may believe, everyone has the same 24 hours every single day.
It’s what you choose to do in your 24 hours that really counts.
If you want to start or you want to grow your fashion biz, I’m sure you’ll find the way and the only thing you have to do is: to TAKE ACTION.

2. The Fear of Failure.
It’s, probably, the BIGGEST Mental block, We all tried and We all have, every day.
Fear of failure is only a mental thing and it can totally paralyze us to make what We want.We need, for sure, to believe in what We do and believe that We will reach our goals.
In other words, think, if We don’t believe in ourselves and in our Business in Fashion, why everyone else should believe in them?
Few months ago, I wrote another blog post about: 3 Ways to Master Your Success in your Fashion Biz, and you might want to read it here.

3. Lack of Focus.
Do you have a clear strategy and a daily, monthly, yearly, plan for your Business in Fashion?
If you don’t have that, you can easily loose your Focus on the way.
You need not only to motivate yourself, but also to follow your strategy every day.
When you have made your plans and created your strategy you need to follow them with: method, consistency, patience and faith.
You will definitely reach your goals in your Fashion Biz.

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Now it’s your turn.

Are you facing Mental Blocks in your Business in Fashion?

As usual, if you have any questions or requests, please comment below or just send me an email.

To your Success in your Fashion Business,



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3 Mental Blocks preventing your Fashion Business Success
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john carter
6 months ago

Thanks for sharing this business success.
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Achievable Professional Goals

It is necessary to work with your thinking and perception in order to remove those blocks that prevent you from achieving success and feeling comfortable.

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