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It has been a while, since I’ve written on Ebooks4fashion blog, because I’ve been so very busy with my first business Maiden-Art rockmantic jewelry and with my teaching in Fashion Academies in Milan, Italy, for the last few months, so unfortunately and sadly, I had to stop for a while Ebooks4fashion, my second love.

Fortunately now, I re organized my work and my businesses, so I’m able to run all of them at the same time and I’m back to re-launch my project Ebooks4fashion, to help you to create and grow the Business in Fashion of your dreams!

I wrote a while ago, about my idea of Fashion Business Spotlight, a section of Ebooks4fashion, dedicated to Fashion Businesses and Fashion Entrepreneurs like YOU, featured in the blog, every month.

So here I am and I would like to start Fashion Business Spotlight with an Interview for the month of October, with Heidi Kelly, from HKelly Designs, a handbag designer from USA and a story that I admire a lot for her design, her strength and her courage.

I don’t want you to wait any longer, here below you can find my interview with Heidi.

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>When & Why did you start your business in fashion? 
Officially, we started the business about 2.5 years ago. I had always been crafty and had previously been a photographer and a book maker, but it still never felt like home.
When I finally got the courage to open the box of my first sewing machine (I was always afraid because I could never get the bobbin to work, my mom always did that part for me growing up) I bounced around trying to figure out what I wanted to sew and I fell on handbags. I was bored with what I saw out in the stores so I started looking to see how people made them. Eventually I started creating my own patterns once I learned the basics. Then people started complimenting me on them.
My husband thought we should try and make a go of it and HKelly designs was born.

Which is your background?
I don’t have much of a design background. I did go to school for fashion merchandising way back when, but decided that wasn’t for me around my senior year! I worked in retail for a long time and then I got into office work and eventually marketing, but they were always time fillers and ways to make money so I could be creative at home.

> How would you describe your work, what is your mission and vision for your fashion business?
I describe my work as fun & funky and individualistic. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want my girls to stand out in the crowd and be noticed. I was such a shy girl growing up and coming into my own and dealing with all the things I have dealt with in the past few years has made me realize you need to Live Life Now! 
Don’t hide, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today, be who you are and love it! 
I have learned this all from my breast cancer diagnosis. 
I have been through breast cancer twice in the past 4 years, in fact, today is 4 years exactly since I was diagnosed.
Without breast cancer I probably never would have created this business, so for that, I am thankful.

> What is your big challenge in your fashion biz?

My biggest challenge is finding my girls and reaching them with the right message.
I am working on this now and really think that I have got some great ideas that I will be implementing in the very near future.

>Which is your goal as a fashion entrepreneurs?
My goal is to create the fashion brand HKelly designs, not just bags, but accessories, t-shirts and more.

>How do you see your fashion business in future?

I see my future as exciting. There really are no boundaries and I have been in love with fashion since I was a little kid!
I am just looking forward to sharing the vision with other like minded people.

Hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did and hope you’ll find so inspiring her story!

I will publish an interview with Fashion Entrepreneurs and feature Fashion Businesses every month, so stay tuned and be inspired!
To your Successful Business in Fashion,


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Interview with Heidi Kelly Designs, HKelly designs, for Fashion Biz Spotlight

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