5 Simple Ways to Grow your Email List for Free.

5 Simple Ways to Grow your Email List for Free.

You must start to build your list TODAY!

I know it’s not easy but believe me, this should be your first priority if you want to live with your fashion business and create the life you love!

One of the most important thing to do, to grow and create your successful fashion business, is to build your target list of dream clients.

Once you have defined who your dream clients are ( if you need any help to find your dream customers please read this blog post), you really must build your list.

Every business needs a continuos flux of clients every day to survive. 

So If you’re not working on building your email list already, you should focus your attention every day on this first priority to grow your fashion business:

  • build your email list of your dream audience

  • nurture your list with a great valuable content

  • create a relationship with your dream clients

  • sell to that list

    And if you’ve run out of ideas or you don’t know exactly how to build your list, I have prepared 5 simple FREE inspiring ideas for you, that I usually use for my jewelry business Maiden-Art and for Ebooks4fashion:


1) Create amazing content for your emails.
Your content must be amazing if you want people stay subscribed to your email list and they will forward your emails to others.

2) Ask your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails, by including social sharing buttons

3) Add a link to the bottom of your signature email that leads people to a landing page where they can sign up for your mailing list.

4) Create a Freebie (ebooks, video, ect..) or a giveaway to promote on all of your Social Media:
> Use your Facebook Page : add a call-to-action to the top of your Facebook Business Page and link it to a landing page/optin page that requires an email address to get in, like I did for Maiden-Art Facebook page.
> Use your Facebook Group or Post your freebie or giveaway in to at list 3/5 Facebook Group
> Use your Linkedin Company page: publish links to your Linkedin company page or Linkedin Group Discussion

> Use Instagram: publish the link of your opt-in page in your bio where you can add links and share as a call to action below to every picture you post. AN example check my Maiden-Art instagram page or Ebooks4fashion instagram page.

> Use Twitter: You can put the link to your opt-in page in your bio on Twitter.
You can also share a tweet with your freebie or giveaway and pin at the top your twitter page, so all of your followers can see it and retweet it.
I’ve done the same for my Maiden-Art Twitter profile.

> Use Pinterest: to promote your freebie and giveaway create a board and invite people to follow that board or invite them to pin to that board.

Wanna grow your Instagram Profile and your Followers for your Fashion Business?

Check out our Instagram4Fashion Online Course >>

How to Launch and Grow a Fashion Business on Instagram in the Next 30 Days.

5) Put a pop up on your home page website where people can subscribe to your email list. You can check my pop up on Maiden-Art website.

Now, it’s your turn, what do you do to grow your email list for free?
If you have any question, please feel free to ask me and I would love to help you!
To your Success in your Fashion Business!

p.s. Wanna Learn more about How to Start or Grow a Fashion Business?
Learn more from our Ebooks, Online Courses and Coaching 1:1.

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5 Simple Ways to Grow your Email List for Free.
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