7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Valentines Day Campaign for Fashion Business.

7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Campaign for Fashion Business.

Valentine’s Day is coming in few weeks and you should be ready with your fashion marketing strategy to get the best sales as possible.
I prepared few tips to develop a smart fashion strategy, build an eye-catching design, create relevant content and make your DREAM customers fall in love with you, your fashion brand or fashion your service.

Valentines Day Campaign for Fashion Business:

  • Start at the Beginning of February with email marketing + blog posts + social media

I suggest you to start your Valentines day campaign for Fashion Business at the beginning of February, not too much before, as usually the customers for Valentine’s Day are procrastinators, so they don’t buy too early.

In this way you have 2 weeks for your Fashion Marketing campaign.
The best way is to prepare an email marketing campaign, posts on your blog and a social media campaign for your audience.

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  • Offer your customers Gift Cards.

Gift cards are one of the most sold items for Valentine’s day, just after greeting cards, date night, candy and flowers.

You should add Gift Cards to your online store (if you are selling your fashion products online), website (if you have a fashion service) or offer them even in your brick and mortar store.

Prepare them with attracting graphics, designs and your logo on it.
You can offer different prices for gift cards.

For my jewelry business I started from Eur 25.00 up to Eur 500.00. You can have an idea here:
  • Add exciting Greeting Cards

Add E-greeting card functionality to your website and enables your customers to send a gift to their loved ones with a great E-greeting card.

If you have a store or website on Shopify, like me for Maiden-Art jewelry, you can easily add e-card apps.

If you want to open a store on Shopify, you can do it now here and try it for free for 14 days.
  • Provide Gift Wrapping to your fashion products or any free service that you can add as a Valentine’s day promotion.

If you are selling a fashion product, you can offer free gift wrapping to your
customers or any kind of free promotion that you can offer to your customers if you have a fashion service.

For example, you can even add free shipping for your fashion product.
Something that you can give for free for that occasion, but pay attention to put a sense of scarcity and urgency to your promotion. So, make sure that you can offer your free promotion only for a limited time.
  • Target Men.

I would suggest you, to target men for your fashion products or service, men tend to outspend women in Valentine’s Day gift.

So, check your customers or audience list and target to the men you have in your list.

You can work with sponsored posts on your Facebook page if you want to target your audience from your page or you can create Facebook ads for the target you want.

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  • Look for Deals websites and Gift Guides where you can promote your Valentine’s Day campaign.

There are many deals websites where you can send your offers.
Even you can look for Gift Guides, where you can send your promotions.
Now, it’s your turn, implement these ideas in your fashion marketing strategy and watch your Valentine’s Day sales grow.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask and I would love to help you!

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7 Valuable Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Campaign for Fashion Business.
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