Used correctly, Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your fashion brand.

You can attract your instagram followers, DREAM customers, the RIGHT Audience and nurture them through your images and your posts. 
You can create a strong relationship with your DREAM customers, but like any other social network, there are clever ways to use it or wrong ways to use it.

So in this post, I will show you how to most effectively use Instagram to increase your following for your fashion business and to create engagement with your DREAM customers.

instagram followers, 10 Simple ways to increase your Instagram Followers for your Fashion Business., Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |

From my experience growing my IG accounts @maidenart and @ebooks4fashionwhat is important is not the quantity of the followers, but the quality of the followers and the engagement.
You have to interact with them, make relationship with them, then at the end, make them purchasing your fashion product or service, and if they are not ready yet, try to bring them into your email list ( I’ll talk soon about how to build your list + email marketing, the fundamentals on how to grow your fashion business). 

So, I created 10 simple steps to follow to grow your IG, the same I use every day, for my IG accounts:

1. Post pictures thinking about your DREAM Customers so they will be interested in your IG profile
If you don’t know who your DREAM Customer is you’ll love to read here my blog post about how to find out who your DREAM Customer is.
You may want to consider using a scheduling program to schedule your post on Instagram.
I personally use Crowdfire (it’s free) or you can use Hootsuite, too.

You can use a (paid) program like ScheduGram, too.

2. Start liking photos, commenting people’s photos and Follow Profiles of your DREAM Customer.
The best practice is to start liking & commenting photos of your DREAM Customers, so they will notice you and you can interact with them.
You can also follow as many profiles as you want (don’t do more than 7000, because there is an Instagram limit to follow people) of your DREAM customers so there will be many chances to be followed back.
3. Start adding to your photos comments, call to actions, questions, ect…
Adding comments, call to actions and questions to your post, you will engage with your followers and create a relationship with them.
They will know you and your fashion business.

4. Post regularly but not too often.
Post regularly 1-3 pictures per day but not more or it can be annoying for your followers.

5. Post at the right time.

Think about your followers and their patterns – most people check instagram in the morning before going to school or to work, or in the evening when they go back home. You can use IconoSquare to review the performance of your own account to understand what is and is not currently working for you.

6. Give and Ask for Shoutouts.
An Instagram shoutout is a screenshot of another user’s profile page uploaded to your account to show support and give exposure to the other user. 
Shoutouts can increase a user’s followers and provide advertising to small businesses and websites. 
By shouting out to other users, you may get shoutouts to your account in return.

You can give Shoutouts or you can ask Shoutouts to increase your followers. 
My suggestion is to ask for shoutouts to profiles with at least a number of followers of 30K/40k and profiles where you can find your DREAM customers for your Fashion Business.

7. Use relevant tags & most popular tags
To find relevant hashtags for your fashion business, you’ll want to use a free online program like IconoSquare or Webstagram
8. Geotag your pictures
If you have a local fashion business, it can be useful to geotag your pictures so you can find potential followers and DREAM customers nearby.
9. Use natural light or the same filter to your pictures.

Be consistent with your picture’s style. People loves to see beautiful pictures.
Check out the most popular filters using Populargram.

10. Put a link in your bio to your website or to a form
where you can get emails from your dream/potential customer
(this is very important because you need to create a list of people to contact and to reach to present your work and who you are)

*BONUS TIP1: write down your bio in the most clear and attractive way.
An example? check out my bio for @ebooks4fashion:

Maristella Colombo

*Fashion Business Coach & Mentor 
*Fashion Marketing, Ebooks & Online Courses to grow your Fashion Biz 
* Want FREE Tips to grow your Fashion biz?👇
instagram followers, 10 Simple ways to increase your Instagram Followers for your Fashion Business., Fashion Marketing to grow Fashion Business |

 Don’t have much time to work on your IG account daily?
You can automate your Instagram account using some applications like KIKSTA …I go deeper about Instagram and how to Automate all of your social media in INSTAGRAM4FASHION Online Course where I will explain all the best techniques to Automate your Social Media.

And how do grow your Instagram profile?Please share your experience below!

I would love to hear from you!



PS. Did you join my FACEBOOK Group? If not, do it now here.
We can all share fashion marketing strategies and we can support each other.

10 Simple ways to increase your Instagram Followers for your Fashion Business.

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