This is my very first blog post and I would like to talk about the first thing you should do before even starting your Own Businessin in Fashion.

You should think and define your Dream Customer & Audience first.
An essential first step to marketing your fashion product or service is to take the time to really define your ideal customers or clients. Through learning more about their hopes, dreams, fears and hesitations, you’ll know exactly how to speak to them throughout your marketing campaigns. Even better, you’ll know exactly how to tailor your fashion product, program or service to best serve them and their needs.
Do you really know who your DREAM Customer or Audience is? 
Every Fashion entrepreneur should be intensely focused on his or her prospective customers. The ability to find a customer, sell your fashion product or service to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that he or she buys from you again should be the central focus of your fashion entrepreneurial activity.
More you are clear and more you know about your Potential, Dream Customer and more you can build a profitable relationship with him or her.

You should deeply know your potential, dream customer and understand everything about him and her.Try to make a list of things about them like their lifestyles and habits for example:
– Who is he or she?
– Age
– Country
– Language
– Size & physical aspect
– Job
– Income
– Single or Married
– Children
– Interests & Hobbies
– Sports
– Shopping
– House
– Car
– Animals
– Lifestyle
– Travels

Once you have defined and you know better and more deeply your dream customer, it will be easier to get your right target, to communicate with them, build a strong and profitable relationship with them and make them repeated buyers from you. 
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To your Success in Fashion & Life,
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Do you really know who your Dream Customer & Audience is?
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